We Are Sands Environmental

We Are Sands Environmental

A little bit about us…

Sands Environmental has been working on a huge variety of environmental and marine projects for a number of years. Our high levels of skill combined with a genuine passion for the UK waterways means that we always aim to find the right solution to the challenges we are faced with. No matter on the location or what may be in the way, we will draw upon our built up knowledge and experience to achieve the perfect end result.

removing large pile of rocks which were blocking stream under bridge
large rock pile after removal from under low bridge
clear bridge with rock removal machine when finished

Restricted Access. No Problem.

If you have a site which has restricted access, if you cant get to it by road, or if the only option you have to complete the job is to access it by working from in the water then we can help. Sands Environmental have a huge selection or specialised marine and environmental machinery to undertake the most difficult challenges.

If we don’t have the right machinery readily available, our expert team will make the required plant to get the job done. as this is all done in house, we are able to be more cost effective.

A Trusted Company in The North West.

From years of environmental and marine work, coupled with our expertise in the field, our reputation has been solidly built up making us one of the most recognised and trusted companies in the North West when it comes to all environmental and marine projects.

We believe we can cater for any needs in the marine, environmental and waterway sectors, some of the more common services we undertake include bank restoration, quay and slipway construction, lock gate maintenance, canal and river dredging, boat mooring repair as well as all types of floating pontoon hire and sales.